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Dear Friends,

Yesterday evening, the demonstration "For the Truth, for Israel" convened by SUMMIT, the think tank I chair, together with several other associations, both Jewish and Christian, has resulted in a huge success. Notwithstanding the very short time - only 2 days - in which it has been organized, it succeeded in gathering in front of the Italian Parliament around 1500 people, waving Israeli and Italian flags, as well as outstanding names from across the political spectrum. Over 50 people took the floor during what we called a "speaking marathon".

These people came to give a testimony of love and respect toward Israel, against the lies spread in the past days. We discovered once more, with huge satisfaction, how the existence of Israel and its safeguard is important to the Italian people and its representatives, how people are more an more capable of identifying the lies disguised as criticism to the Israeli government.

From Matteo Renzi, Mayor of Florence and prominent leader of the Democratic Party, to Angelino Alfano, President of the PDL Party, as well as in the written messages by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Granfranco Fini and of the Senate, Renato Schifani - every single speech stressed how the accusations against Israel are pushed by the wish to see it succumbing, and with it the entire democratic civilization.

In the past years, Italy built a path that brought it outside the traditional patterns of hatred against Israel, seen as the enemy of the Third World and the longa manus of an alleged imperialism. On the contrary, the Italian institutions understood that Israel is a bastion of human rights and democracy in the Middle East. This belief united us yesterday, Italians with Israelis, in front of our Parliament.



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